Email Marketing Tips to Increase Sales/Leads -Covid-19 Pandemic

Email Marketing Tips to Increase Sales/Leads

Have you ever received an email copy whose headline alone you couldn’t resist and eventually you gave in to check what it is all about?

That is the force of email marketing. Email marketing is virtually the most efficient digital marketing channel; study research proves if appositely used, for every $1 you expend on it you can expect a return of investment (ROI) of $51. Quality email copies have become a cynosure in the world of digital marketing which is a result of its tendency to personally reach and convert large numbers of buyers. Since the significance of email marketing is to convert readers to buyers, hence it has to have quality elements to fascinate buyers than the traditional email copies.

Email marketing is evolutional depending on the trends, time, and the audience, it requires strategies, in 2020 it is estimated that 290 billion emails are sent daily and the figure is expected to reach not less than 347 billion daily emails by the end of 2023. Definitely, you should be convinced now that to effectively utilize Email to drive your sales and ROI you need a strategy and the necessary tips to effectively maximize email marketing. In this article, you will get the most efficient email marketing tips in 2021 sourced from research and studies.

The success of email marketing depends largely on the correct steps you take in the process. Although this is also one of the most effective marketing channels, it is also cost-effective, but if it is not done well, it may make you a miserable defeat, thereby greatly damaging your brand awareness. Below, I have listed some tips for successful email marketing campaigns.

1. Maximize the Benefits of the Covid-19 Pandemic

As the covid-19 pandemic continues to rage, though destroying the world health sector, it has been a channel in which digital marketing has to gain more ground towards the end of 2020 and since the beginning of 2021. The impact of the pandemic on various countries and demographics has enormously characterized varieties, however, some industries have flourished while some have been shut down. McKinsey’s analysis reveals that the recovery from the effect of the pandemic might take up to five years, and in this case, innovative email marketing can play a crucial role in downplaying the adverse effect. Chad S. White who is the head of research at ORACLE CX MARKETING CONSULTING and the author of “Email Marketing Rules” said

“Email marketing in 2021 will be driven by the K-shaped recovery from the pandemic that has seen some companies excel while others struggle.
Grocers, e-tailers, digital entertainment providers, tech providers, and other companies that have done well will focus on better personalization, segmentation, and automation as they inch closer to achieving the 1-to-1 marketing paradigm……

This group will use less live content and CSS-based interactivity and actively unproven and time-intensive technologies like AMP for Email, which balloons production cycles and complicates quality assurance efforts”
With such a prediction from an expert, it is impertinent to adopt email marketing to reach out to buyers who have become more internet conscious during the lockdown.

2. Develop an Efficient Strategy and then Provide a Solution.

Depending on your company size and the digital awareness of your customers, you need to strategize how email marketing can be integrated as we begin to enter into the recovery phase from the pandemic in 2021. Although Artificial Intelligent (AI) in email marketing is one of the voguish technologies at this time, it will be wise to strategize the perfect time to invest in such technology or to just stick with the traditional email marketing methods.

Moreover, AI in email marketing according to research is already delivering substantial results, improving sales, and boosting businesses, whatsoever way you utilize email marketing, its positive result will remain consistent but with the right strategy either to opt-in for automated emails or manual emails. Providing solutions comes after strategizing, and it will include sending the right message at the right time and to the right customers.

3. Use the Right Digital Marketing Tools to Research Keywords.

In your quest to provide a lasting solution, you need to be able to captivate your customers with the right words and switch them over with the right keywords that can’t but describe their urgent needs. Keywords changes and good research on recently searched words using the digital marketing tools like Hubspot, Ahref, Survey Anyplace, Proof and so on can provide you with the words that can be incorporated into your email headlines, and body and at just a glance buyers can find solace answers to their wants.

Some of these digital marketing tools also allow you to send email campaigns and have an Email marketing and marketing automation buyer’s guide.

4. Rediscover the Worth of the Plain-Text Email.

In 2021 contrary to formal email marketing which is widespread there is going to be the reemergence of the personal plain text email which makes emails more personal and drives ROI. The pandemic has forced a lot of companies marketing teams to reconsider their output and ways of working, thereby raising questions like

Are our time-intensive processes delivering? Are we working in a SMART way?

The plain-text email provides answers to these questions. In terms of time, pleasant emails save time and it is indeed smart to use them because buyers feel they are being reached out to directly. Sapph Li, founder of Arts of Emails, proven sales email templates wrote that
“Personal plain-text emails are going to become more widespread in 2021. Some companies have been already doing this with some emails, such as for onboarding and reaching out to valuable customers…..

These personal emails tend to engage and convert better as many people are turned off by overly salesy messages and non-designed emails have a better chance of landing in primary inboxes. The key to writing these personal emails is asking yourself “Would I really say this to someone one-on-one?” because it’s easy to fall into marketing speak when you’re thinking about it as a marketing email”

5. Use Correct Email Subject and Email Body Content

Once the task of creating a subscriber list is completed, the next step is to send an email to the subscriber. Therefore, pay special attention to the email subject line, as this will be the first thing your subscribers will pay attention to. Your email subject line should be absorbed enough to arouse readers’ excitement about the email content following the subject line. Therefore, your email content should be equally impressive (if not less) in order to grab the reader’s attention in order to convert the email’s open rate into a click-through rate.

The content of your email should have a proper connection to the subject line and be short and clear with appropriate images to make it look more attractive.

6. Keep Your Email Short and Pleasant

Short emails can help you get a better response from your marketing activities. Your e-mail message must be concise and clear so that your subscribers can get the message and take immediate action. If prospective customers find your offer interesting enough, you will find that they visit your website to learn more. By keeping your email clear, you can make it easy for prospects/clients to take action.

For my final thoughts, 2020 has shown us that we cannot perfectly predict life as we like. However, if we are reinforced with these tips in 2021, we can be sure we will have a year of highly optimized and converting email marketing experience.

Email marketing is mainly about paying attention, delivering the content people are looking for and personalized topics to make readers feel engaged.

So go ahead, master these best email marketing techniques, and put your email marketing campaigns into practice.

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