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As we all know, Facebook is one of the most using social media platforms among all and there is no doubt that it has a huge audience as compare to any other social media platform. Facebook was launched in 2014 and still, it has managed to engage the same number of audiences which has earlier. 

When it comes to popularity still there is no other platform in comparison with Facebook because Facebook has managed to acquire the most number of users than any other social media platform.

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Buy Bulk Facebook Accounts

Buying bulk facebook accounts can help your business to get a boost. As we all know Facebook is very helpful in the growth of any business but you cannot manage to make bulk facebook account by your end. Or no individual can create 1000 Facebook accounts to enhance its business activity. So, here we come to help those people as we are the seller of Facebook accounts and help people who need to buy bulk Facebook accounts for their business growth. 

For buying bulk Facebook Accounts, just you have to do is visit our website and then you will see an option for buying different social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Click on buy Facebook accounts and you will be redirected to the package of bulk Facebook accounts. 

Packages are divided into categories such as 50 Facebook accounts, 100 Facebook accounts, and 1000 Facebook accounts. If you are not sure about which package you should choose for the best benefits in your business then you can easily contact our service experts and ask them which package would be the best choice for you. You have to explain then type of your business and what you want to achieve. After choosing the suitable package you have to pay through a secure panel then instantly you will get mail with the attached user ids and passwords. 

Types of Facebook Accounts

If you don’t know this yet then this is the right time to know that if you want to use Facebook for your business then there would be usually four types of accounts. And these four types of accounts are divided into two categories:


So, before purchasing bulk facebook accounts we prefer you to buy Aged Facebook accounts instead of fresh facebook accounts because fresh accounts might be cheap but not helpful as much as Aged Facebook accounts. 

Else go as per your need.

Another category is “Phone Verified and Non-verified Facebook accounts”, this category involves the security of the Facebook accounts you purchased from any online selling platforms. When we talk about Non-verified Facebook accounts they are cheap because it is easy to make any non-verified Facebook accounts and most of the online sellers only selling non-verified Facebook accounts. Non-verified Facebook accounts don’t contain any unique ID and they are also easy to hack in the manner of security. On the other hand, Pin verified accounts are higher in price but they are made up of unique phone numbers and email addresses. When you go to buy Facebook accounts on the internet you will find that most of the online platforms only selling non-verified Facebook accounts but if you want to buy phone verified Facebook accounts then you can buy it from our here.

Bulk Facebook Accounts for Sale - Affordable Price:


If you don’t have a big budget and want to buy bulk Facebook accounts for your business growth then you don’t have to worry at all because we are after you to help you by providing the best quality of Facebook accounts at an affordable price of the point. You may get charged higher when you have visited any other website for buying bulk Facebook accounts. But you can buy bulk Facebook accounts at a pocket-friendly price.




Fresh Facebook Accounts

$14/20,  $32/50,  $60/100 Accounts




Phone Verified

Email Access provided

72 hours replacement warranty

Unique US IPs

24*7 hours support

Aged Facebook Accounts – 100+ Friends

$33/10,  $63/20,  $152/50,  $300/100 Accounts

Year 2017-18

with 100+ Friends

Enabled with Google Authenticator System

Phone Verified

Email Access provided

72 hours replacement warranty

Unique US IPs

24*7 hours support

Aged Facebook Accounts – 2019

$23/10,  $43/20,  $102/50,  $200/100 Accounts

Year 2019

Without Google Authenticator

Email Access provided

Phone Verified

No Friends, Never used

72 hours replacement warranty

Unique US IPs

24*7 hours support

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